BOARD of directors



Minna Halme (PhD) is professor of Sustainability Management at Aalto University School of Business. She has worked with sustainability in business topics since 1990 in Finland, in the International Institute for Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden and at Georgetown University in the United States. Her research focuses on sustainability innovations, co-creation of sustainable business models and societal impacts of CSR. Halme is a member of the Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development, member of the advisor group for the Central Chamber of Commerce and Finland largest retailer SOK, and has held membership in e.g. UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Global Sustainability. She is co-founder of Aalto University’s cross-disciplinary Creative Sustainability master programme, Aalto Sustainability Hub, and Aalto Global Impact. She has received the Academy of Finland award for the social impact of her research, as well as a number of international research awards. She teaches sustainability management at Master programmes, and in executive education at Aalto University. At Infine, Halme is the chairperson of the board and brings on her excellence in sustainable business. 

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Johanna Heikkilä

Johanna Heikkilä (M.Sc. Econ & Bus Admin) is a professional of IT-field and business management, who has years of experience in designing and implementing business strategies and developing organisations. She is a Certified Board Member (CBM) and certified solution-focused business coach. She has also given talks about modern management of knowledge intensive business and she is very experienced in how to face complex challenges in business and turn them into a practical and executable plan. As a member of the board Heikkilä will help to design and implement strategy.

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Thomas Holm

Thomas Holm is an entrepreneur, advisor and impact investor with a passion for design and systems thinking. He helps forward-looking companies transition towards more sustainable business models in a world of exponential technology. Thomas was one of the founding partners in design consultancy Kaufmann Agency (acquired by Nordic Healthcare Group) and in tech start-up Noona Healthcare (acquired by Varian Medical Systems) and most recently co-founder of Leapfrog Projects - a network of experts working to solve global sustainability challenges.

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Tuula Jokipaltio

Tuula Jokipaltio (M.Sc Econ & Bus Admin) has extensive experience in HR management and strategic HR development in media and IT companies. Her interests lie within developing leadership, work culture and the impact of sustainability in employee experience.  She is a strong strategist and one of Infine’s founders. As a member the board Jokipaltio will bring up the importance of sustainability in an organisation's employer value proposition and future competitiveness.

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Timo Kaisla (M.Sc. Eng., EMBA) has over 20 years of experience in small startups to listed large companies. He has managed and consulted organisations in several countries in Europe, Asia and the United States. His core know-how is boosting growth no matter the industry, and developing business especially in situations where digitalisation is in a key role to build success.

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Markus Myhrberg

Markus Myhrberg (Attorney-at-law) is a partner of Lexia Attorneys where he specialises in IPR, technology and data services. He assists especially in cases including intellectual property rights rights, technology, data protection, marketing, licensing, contracts, shareholder agreements, and financing. Myhrberg is an advisor and member of the board for several startup companies and growing companies. As well as his strategic knowledge, Myhreberg brings his extensive experience of startup ecosystems and commercialising concepts.

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Teppo Nieminen

Teppo Nieminen (M.Sc. Econ & Bus Admin) has had a long career as a consultant of strategy, strategic anticipation and business as well as organisation development. His clients have been large companies, startups, NGOs and the public sector. Nieminen is a very experienced project manager whose most important role in the board is to spar strategy and business development.

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Mikko syrjänen

Mikko Syrjänen (Ph.D., Econ., M.Sc Tech.) is strategy and business development professional and is a Certified Board Member (CBM). He works at Gasum as a director of Business Development. Syrjänen has extensive experience in strategic management, business strategies and market intelligence. He has worked with strategy processes, business planning, change management, launching new businesses and acquisitions. Syrjänen is also an experienced fasilitator. His role in the board is to coordinate the strategy development and develop the board's work.

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Miemo penttinen

Miemo Penttinen is a Service Designer, Interaction Designer and photographer, who has during the past 15 year worked in various roles – from lead designer to head of product – in various agencies, start-ups as well as a freelancer. Miemo’s exceptional palette of talents includes multifaceted strategic thinking and excellent technical comprehension.

Arto o. Salonen

Dr. Arto O. Salonen is an expert of transition towards sustainable living, an associate professor at the University of Eastern Finland, with a seat in the Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development. Among other things, Salonen, who studies the change of post-industrial, artificially intelligent society, has built a career in future-oriented design thinking. Salonen’s work is based on two things he describes as inalienable: the relentless cherishing of the prerequisites of life and the human dignity common to all.

Tiina Zilliacus

Tiina Zilliacus is an entrepreneur, board professional and sustainable investor with passion for agile development of new digital products and services as well as market innovation. Her extensive experience in various digital businesses brings valuable fresh perspectives to responsible business.

Tuulia SYvänen

Tuulia Syvänen is an activist, long-standing NGO actor and honesty educator. Tuulia, who has been involved with environmental and development organisations since the age of 17, worked for 10 years in management positions at Fair Trade Finland and for five years in the international umbrella organisation. She has also gained experience in corporate social responsibility reporting in management positions at the Global Reporting Initiative in the Netherlands and has led the operations of several Finnish environmental organisations.

Heini Hirvonen

Heini is a Master of Economic Sciences who has specialized in leadership consulting and future strategies. She is experienced in how to take sustainability into the core of organization. Her passion is to build future-proof brands and organizations which are led by meaning. She has extensive experience in leading international marketing, sales and communications. Before joining Infine she led a sustainability focused communications agency as a CEO and consulted senior management in many different fields.