The sustainability

design agency Infine

The sustainability design agency Infine is an active ecosystem of professionals with various backgrounds; from business, marketing and sales to academia, researchers, and the public sector. Working with leading sustainability experts and professionals, we aim to ensure that all of our activities are based on science and research. Our mission is to create a sustainable market within the total market together with our client companies, public sector partners, and consumers.


Sustainability design is a sales-oriented way to increase corporate responsibility and thereby, have a positive impact on social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Sustainability design will both strengthen companies' competitive advantage and move the total consumption towards sustainable products and services.

The sustainable

consumption theory

Society's concern for the future and sustainability is rapidly growing. Already 3 million Finnish people consider sustainable lifestyle important.
(Source Sitra / The Resource-wise Citizen, survey 2019.)


Sustainable life choices, responsible business practices and purchasing decisions are easy and effective ways to make an impact.

The core of Infine’s sustainability consumption theory is based on the positive, solution-oriented approach: 


“When the consumer has easy access to attractive sustainable solutions for everyday needs,the total consumption will move towards sustainable products and services. Thereby, the total market of sustainable products and services will grow.”

What we do

Infine Insight

Research unit specializing in sustainability and consumer behavior.

Sustainability design

Competitive advantage from sustainability.

Future 2021 expo

The first sustainable lifestyle expo in Messukeskus, Finland, autumn 2021.

A digital marketplace for sustainable products and services, providing support for responsible purchasing decisions.

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