Our story

Our story

When the decision to start the company was made in August 2018, Infine began to grow at a record pace. From the outset, we focused on the ethos and effectiveness  through varying types of business logic.

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In the first 12 months, our sales reached almost EUR 0.5 million and using this as a reference point, we continued to move forward, building a platform for sustainability and impact solutions.

400 000 €

/ 12 mo

The purpose of this platform is to provide tangible ways for the 3 million or so Finns who wish to participate and influence the future of our planet.
(Sitra: Resource Wise Citizen Survey, 2019) Sustainability design started to become our identity.


3 MILlion

Responsibility and impact

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Responsibility and impact is becoming increasingly vital in our society and companies will integrate these solutions into all areas of their business. We believe we have reached the point where simple, rapid solutions are needed in areas of social and environmental responsibility in order for us to act. Consumer behavior and the role of the employee will change radically. Positive change arises when people are given the specific tools in order to influence. This is why we started developing sustainability design thinking alongside our network of experts, enabling us to promote sustainable living and create a sense of achievement in the daily lives of our clients' customers and employees.

One of the most inspiring aspects of our journey has been the meeting of skilled, talented people who share our worldview and have shown an interest in working alongside us from the outset. We are working alongside several multidisciplinary professionals who share our goals and continue to share their expertise with us. Their participation has been hugely encouraging, whilst affirming our direction and objectives.

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