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Tiina has extensive experience in building collaboration and impact, marketing and communications, as well as managing growth and change. She has held management positions and worked as a management consultant in several organizations and startup companies, both in Finland and overseas. In addition, she has been involved in creating several social phenomenas in Finland. As a founder Tiina connects impact and sustainability and it’s relevance to business. LinkedIn – Tiina



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Tuula has extensive experience in HR management and strategic HR development. Her core competencies include developing future skills, employer image, value processes, leadership development and strategic planning. As co-founder and shareholder of Infine, Tuula is particularly interested in the productivity boom induced by increased awareness, motivation and commitment, as well as the resulting new business and customer engagement..  LinkedIn – Tuula



sustainability design


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Elska is a Master of Culture and Arts, music manager and a customer-oriented multi-tool, whose strengths include curiosity and the ability to be excited over every assignment. Our music-loving go-getter keeps all the balls in the air, time and time again – and has done so many times before: from being a chef to trimming dogs, from making music videos to producing events.




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Elina is a communications professional and generalist, fascinated by themes of continuous development, experimental culture and understanding of social phenomena. Aside from her numerous interests, she is passionate about the nurturing of meaning and the richness in the Finnish language. In her spare time Elina produces the annual Seurasaari Christmas Path event in Helsinki. Linkedin – Elina

Heini Hirvonen

Director - Partnerships and business development


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Heini is a Master of Economic Sciences who has specialized in leadership consulting and future strategies. She is experienced in how to take sustainability into the core of organization. Her passion is to build future-proof brands and organizations which are led by meaning. She has extensive experience in leading international marketing, sales and communications. Before joining Infine she led a sustainability focused communications agency as a CEO and consulted senior management in many different fields.

Salla Vasenius

art director


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Annukka is a human resources professional and a multi-talented human being, passionate about sustainable development and ethical leadership. Describing herself as curious and dedicated, Annukka wants to address the issues of human rights, equality, ethics and responsibility in her work. In addition to her other skills, Annukka is also a trained dancer with a keen interest in art and culture. Linkedin – Annukka




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Ilari is a copywriter, thinker, content mind and a musician, good at making acquaintances. He is passionate about rich language and the messages conveyed through it; and intellectually, honest business communication. After starting to work In the field of sustainability, Ilari has discovered a new kind of motivation and a greater capacity for conceptual, textual and visual thinking, which ultimately, is at our clients’ disposal. Linkedin – Ilari



customer insight

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Kristiina Lähde

Director - Sustainability design

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Kristiina has a strong international experience in leading innovation programmes aiming in sustainable development impact, as well as in impact analyses and evaluations. She’s a seasoned consultant, used to leading and working in multicultural teams. Kristiina has worked in various leadership and expert positions both in Finland and internationally. Her long working experience in developing markets has given her extensive insight into the social responsibility challenges of sustainable business. Kristiina is well liked and sought after consultant, and brings her strong international networks to Infine.


sustainability design sonja(a)infine.fi 

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Introduction coming. Linkedin - Sonja

Samuli Pahkala


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Introduction coming. Linkedin – Samuli



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Tytti is a customer service professional and an solid organizer. She has worked in sales as both department and store manager, so is familiar with reporting, budgeting and keeping the yarns in hand. Tytti is an indispensable member of the Infine team as a production assistant, coordinator and cold-headed multitasker.



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Heidi is a problem solver, designer and subculture-wise civil activist. She has a strong desire to influence, to do good, and to be involved in making a difference. Among her strengths are general curiosity, overall enthusiasm and her strong interest in meaningful innovation. As a multi-talented human rights and politics expert, Heidi wants to create platforms for open, positive and forward-thinking communities.

The independent sustainability panel of leading experts

The key part of the sustainability design is the review and curation of the leading sustainability experts. The sustainability panel verifies the accuracy of the product or service features in terms of sustainability and makes the sustainable market for products and services possible. The curated products and services will advance the sustainable lifestyle and consumption.


Minna Halme (D.Sc. Econ. & Bus. Adm. , Professor) is a Professor of Leadership studies at Aalto University School of Economics and Head of the Aalto Sustainability Hub. She has worked in impact business since 1990 in Finland, International Institute for Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden and at Georgetown University in the United States. Her research interests include responsible business, business innovation that promotes ecological and social sustainability, and the social impact of corporate responsibility. Halme is the chair of the panel.

Anne liimatainen

Anne Liimatainen (Ph.D., Counsellor of Education) is Program Manager of the National Board of Education's 'Climate Responsibility in Education program, which ensures and supports the learning and inclusion of climate responsibility in schools and other educational institutions.

Antti Majava

Antti Majava (MA, Ph.D. candidate) is working at the BIOS Research Unit on the Impact of Environmental and Resource Crises and is preparing a doctoral dissertation in the Doctoral Program in Multidisciplinary Environmental Research at the University of Helsinki. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and is one of the founding members of the Mustarinda Society, addressing ecological issues and combining them with scientific and artistic perspectives. Majava has worked as an expert in the energy and forest sectors for over 15 years. His particular interests are the building of new relationships with nature, the preservation of forest biodiversity, experimental forms of energy and the cultural change towards a post-consumer society.

markus terho

Markus Terho (M.Sc. Tech.) has been working in leadership roles in the field of sustainable development for decades. As the leader of Sitra's Resource Wise Citizen project, he encourages Finns to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. He also helps companies that develop sustainable products on the B2C market to grow through various experiments. Terho holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering.

Jyri seppälä

Jyri Seppälä (Ph.D., Professor) is the Director at SYKE's Center for Consumption and Production and Member of the National Climate Panel. He has done his scientific work on different life cycle assessments of various products and services alongside leading various climate and sustainability reviews of the production and consumption sectors. He has carried out numerous large-scale projects, participating in various legislative or executive working groups and providing the necessary background material. He is also the responsible director of the HINKU (Towards a Carbon Neutral Municipality) project and a member of the National Climate Panel.

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